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12/17/2013 2:42:00 PM
Sheriff's Report


11/27 through 12/4

Wednesday, 11/27

Dodge Center. Subject walking on Highway 56 by County Road 34.

Hayfield. Suspicious vehicle.

West Concord. Ambulance run. Adult male with pain all over.

Kasson. Neighbors yelling and arguing for about 10 minutes; sounds as though it may get physical.

West Concord. Ambulance run. Adult male with low pulse and high O2 sats, transported to Faribault.

Dodge Center. Ambulance run. Adult male with chest pains transported to SMH ER.

Dodge Center. Welfare check.

West Concord. Requesting call from WC PD regarding parking of a semi-truck and trailer.

Dodge Center. Driving complaint.

West Concord. Car left abandoned in field drive all day.

Kasson. Probation check.

Claremont. Boxer found with red collar with no tags.

Hayfield. Verbal disturbance, property dispute.

Claremont. Residential fire alarm; false alarm.

Claremont. Caller reporting driving complaint on Highway 14.

West Concord. Injured dog.

Claremont. Speeding ticket.

Kasson. Gray Cadillac driving recklessly westbound on Highway 14.

Dodge Center. Chocolate lab with collar and 3-foot lead lost. Later dog returned back home.

West Concord. Traffic stop. Speeding and missing headlight.

West Concord. Traffic stop.

Kasson. Suspicious vehicles.

West Concord. Vehicle ran off road.

Hayfield. Caller requesting officer to respond to speak to 12-year-old daughter who is hitting her.

Dodge Center. Suspicious person.

Dodge Center. Extra patrol requested.

Thursday, 11/28

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for stop sign.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for stop sign.

Dodge Center. 9-1-1 hang up.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for lane violation and stop sign.

Kasson. Suspended driver's license.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Dodge Center. Residence check.

Claremont. Disturbance. One transported to Steele County for probation violation.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Claremont. Ambulance run. Female passed out and still breathing.

Mantorville. Open door at abandoned residence.

Mantorville. Ambulance run. 83-year-old passed out, throwing up, incoherent.

Kasson. Caller reporting vehicles on his property are missing radiators; believed it occurred last night.

Hayfield. Officer reported a cow in the west ditch.

West Concord. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Mantorville. Vehicle hit a deer.

Hayfield. Squad car hit a deer.

West Concord. Traffic stop. Speeding.

Hayfield. Business check.

Friday, 11/29

Dodge Center. Traffic stop.

Hayfield. Alarm.

Dodge Center. Civil child custody issue.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Resident fell and was transported to SMH.

West Concord. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Claremont. Traffic stop.

Dodge Center. Search warrant.

Dodge Center. Reporting theft of equipment off of a piece of implement that was sitting in a field.

Dodge Center. Caller reporting a group of juveniles hacked into her daughter's online chat account.

West Concord. Traffic stop.

West Concord. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Dodge Center. Civil standby requested. Former employee coming to pick up belongings.

Hayfield. Suspicious activity; vehicle parked at an abandoned property; vehicle is full of juveniles.

Kasson. Civil issue between neighbors.

Hayfield. Traffic stop. Warning speed.

Claremont. Traffic hazard. Motorist assist.

Dodge Center. Suspicious activity; deputy out with a vehicle.

Saturday, 11/30

Dodge Center. Complaint of party at location, possible underage drinking.

West Concord. Revoked driver's license.

Kasson. Disturbance; husband has been threatening her. Took off in her car and has now come back.

West Concord. Traffic stop, headlight.

Claremont. Kids knocking on the door and then running off; did not see the kids.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Female unsure what is going on, pain and odd sensation in jaw and tongue.

West Concord. Child custody dispute.

Hayfield. Traffic stop.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop.

Kasson. Request for officer escort at residence to pick up property.

Dodge Center. Barking dog.

Claremont. Missing person.

Kasson. Neighbor reporting party and concern about underage drinking.

Kasson. Car drove by and threw a rock through the window of a truck parked at residence.

Sunday, 12/1

Kasson. Someone egged the house.

Hayfield. Male party at door with a knife.

Mantorville. Alarm.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Male having difficulty breathing, needs transport to hospital.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Transport to hospital for female vomiting.

Mantorville. Suspicious activity. Vehicle at location with no plates.

Hayfield. Found tan boxer with white feet, pink plaid collar with hearts. Caller will hold on to it.

Dodge Center. Animal complaint.

Mantorville. Burning permit issued.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Kasson. Loud music complaint.

Kasson. Motor vehicle accident. Backed into another vehicle.

West Concord. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Dodge Center. Caller reporting he hit a deer and his vehicle is no longer able to be driven.

West Concord. Criminal damage to property; juveniles throwing rocks at windows.

Dodge Center. Having problems with his wife and her drinking habits. He would like to speak to deputy about his options.

Kasson. Male and female yelling at each other and slamming doors for last 20 minutes.

Monday, 12/2

Kasson. Someone tried to enter back storage shed. Caller went outside and person ran off and got into a black sedan.

Kasson. Daughter received a threatening phone call that someone was going to shoot her after school tomorrow.

Hayfield. Two horses in the ditch on Highway 56 between county roads 4 and 6.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Adult male fell, transported to SMH ER.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Adult male with chest pains.

Dodge Center. Ambulance run. Male party complaining of chest pains.

Claremont. Silver Ford Mustang with WI plates driving all over the roadway.

Kasson. Caller would like to speak to an officer on how to get her keys from a male party who was arrested and released on warrant this morning.

Mantorville. Traffic stop.

Dodge Center. Probation compliance check for alcohol.

Dodge Center. Paper service.

Mantorville. Appreh/detention order.

Hayfield. Lost male red husky, no collar.

Kenyon. Burning permit issued.

Mantorville. Revoked driver's license.

Tuesday, 12/3

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for stop sign

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for speed.

Kasson. Lost yellow lab retriever mix female with purple collar.

Kasson. Disabled vehicle.

Mantorville. Found bullet inside the courtroom.

Mantorville. Ambulance run. Adult male fell in kitchen and unable to get back up; transported to SMH ER.

Dodge Center. Burning permit issued.

Blooming Prairie. Car ran off road, sideswiped a tree, and hit another tree, airbags deployed.

Dodge Center. Gas drive-off for $10.

Dodge Center. Paper service.

Kasson. Vehicle off road on Highway 14.

Mantorville. MVA, vehicle versus tree.

Kasson. Domestic abuse OFP.

Dodge Center. Welfare check.

Hayfield. Contempt of court/warrant.

Claremont. Ambulance run. 64-year-old female who has fallen.

Dodge Center. Civil issue.

Kasson. Pickup with dome light on, Highway 14.

Dodge Center. Ambulance run. One person taken to SMH ER.

Kasson. Report of possible child abuse.

Claremont. Traffic stop. Warning for headlight.

Claremont. Mailbox vandalism.

Mantorville. Violation of condition-release.

Claremont. Residence check.

Dodge Center. Caller stated dog has been outside all day and barking; concerned for dog's welfare.

Dodge Center. Revoked driver's license.

Wednesday, 12/4

Dodge Center. Parking violation.

Mantorville. Violation of conditions of release.

Dodge Center. Traffic stop. Warning for stop sign.

Mantorville. Alarm on sewer "grinder" installed by city.

West Concord. Van in the ditch.

Kasson. Vehicle hit mailbox. Roads are slippery.

Kasson. Caller would like a civil standby at his ex-girlfriend's residence while he picks up some items.

Mantorville. Ambulance run. Female, 8 months pregnant, fell and injured ankle, no other pain.

Kasson. Ambulance run. Report of 16-year-old female who hit her head on gym floor, conscious, with school nurse.

Dodge Center. Deputy removing traffic hazard from the road.

Hayfield. Report of suspicious vehicle which pulled up onto their yard.

Hayfield. 9-1-1 hang-up. Nurse station person will check.

Dodge Center. City Hall received animal complaint.

West Concord. Officer out with two vehicles on curves of County Road 11.

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